The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games: In Pictures

Today, we are mourning the loss of the USB cord for my camera. Until I find a replacement, here are a few pictures to tide you over.

I will eventually download them all on Flickr but my persisting Wi-Fi problems have made this an impossibility. So pervasive have been my problems with finding a reliable connection that the phrase I use most often wherever we go is:

“Sounds cool but do they have Wi-Fi?”

You know. Because posting stories to my blog directly from Microsoft Office ’10 is the entire reason I’m here.

This picture was taken on Day 1 when I attended the press conference for the Proctor and Gamble Family Home. The P&G executive gave a great overview of the facility but it was his glowing recommendation of the Charmin in the bathrooms that caught my attention. So much so that I had to pose in Said Bathroom.

And it was every bit as exciting as he promised.

Sure, the Olympic Superstore is best known for carrying The Hallowed Red Mittens. But it also offers so many hip items in its official product line.

This ear-muffed hat is not one of them.

I took this picture at the torch run. There is nothing that says “Crazy Canuck” like wearing a hockey jersey with the Canadian flag tied to a hockey stick.

And wearing The Hallowed Red Mittens, of course.

I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy regarding the fenced-off Olympic Cauldron. Organizers of the Vancouver Games expect to unveil a plan tomorrow to make it more accessible to the public.

Until then, it just bears a striking resemblance to Gumby from afar.

This final picture is my personal favorite. When I was in the Media Press Centre, I dropped by the United States Olympic Committee’s office. I was amused to see about 15 clocks on the wall, many just a few inches apart. The head-scratcher? They all displayed the same time zone.

Possible explanation: the Olympic Games are the center of the universe and who cares what time it is in the rest of the world, anyway.

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