One Year Ago

I’m really not one to celebrate random anniversaries but this one is tough to forget: One year ago last Saturday was when I received that life-changing impression to uproot our happy life and “look for real estate in Soldier Hollow.”

I remembered even before my Colorado friends flooded their social media accounts with details of the ward Christmas party on Saturday. A year ago, I got that prompting a few hours before and somehow in those early stages, I knew. I proceeded to cry through most of the party because I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving such an amazing ward family.

We’ve been in our house for almost two months now and though those early days were pretty ugly, the last few weeks have been good ones. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Jamie’s family. I hiked the Living Room with my college bestie, Lori. I learned how to make macarons with Jamie’s sisters and mom. I had friends over for dinner before we went to Midway’s annual Christmas tree lighting (which landed Bode on the front page of the local paper). I joined a book club with some awesome ladies. We had a memorable VIP experience with new friends at BYU’s football game. I volunteered at our own’s annual Interfaith Creche exhibit. I joined a new private Facebook group of moms who love to X-Country Ski and Snowshoe and went on my first snowy adventure with them. During our hike, we discussed the lack of online communities for outdoor families so I created a private Facebook group. We’re already planning our first adventure–a moonlight snowshoe in January.

New friends Dawnelle and Heather

It all sounds pretty great, right?

It really is until I’m gobsmacked with What I Left Behind. Last Saturday night, I was missing all my friends who were at our old ward’s party. It was dark and cold, and all I wanted to do was curl up in a blanket and go to bed early but my neighbor Stacie was having a girl’s night out. So, I put my big girl panties on and forced myself to go–because you can’t complain about missing your old friends if you never put yourself out there to make new ones.

I’m so grateful I went. Our new ward is truly a blessing with a mix of “old-timers” and two brand new neighborhoods, many of whom are eager to mingle. I was having a great time chatting with a few ladies when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. I introduced myself to “Yessica,” and learned she was originally from the Netherlands.

We chatted animatedly for a few minutes. She looked really outdoorsy and I was excited to learn we love many of the same activities.

Me: “You should really join this private Facebook group for women who love to cross-country ski and snowshoe!”

She looked at me dumbfoundedly.”I started that group!”

I gazed back at her, closer this time. “Wait, you’re Jessica? I just friended you on Facebook yesterday!”

She replied, “I just friended you back…and joined your Heber Valley Outdoor Families group.”

It was more than just a small world: it was downright serendipitous. We not only had so much in common but had so many ideas for growing an outdoor-loving community in Midway and beyond. I’m certain she is going to become a good friend and maybe we’ll even build out some projects together.

I walked away from that evening still missing my friends but with more resolve than ever that we’re supposed to be here.

And I can’t wait to discover the many reasons why.

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