Our busiest week of the year: survived!

We invited Jamie’s parents to fly to Denver from Utah on one of our busiest weeks of the year. And I guess that was the point because they saw our kids in action like never before–a play, Tech week, soccer, Pack meeting, carnival and so much. And, bless their hearts, they survived our week of insanity by being as gracious as ever.

It started with me putting Jamie’s mom Linda to work the first day she arrived by sewing on Bode’s Bobcat badge.
You know, the rank that he received a year ago. We’ll call that one a mom fail.

He was excited to have both of his grandparents in attendance to see him receive his Wolf rank.

Don’t worry, I had Linda sew that badge on before she left. :-)

For four months, Hadley has been rehearsing a play with Colorado Acts and she was thrilled to have Jamie’s family in attendance.

Lame little brother photobomb notwithstanding.

Not only did she learn to sing, dance and act but the kids helped to craft the script and costumes for their original production of “What’s so Fabulous About the ’50s?” Lead character Ms. Oswald taught her class how fabulous the 1950’s were while answering the burning questions: Why is Rizzo in such an awful mood? Will Penny ever find out how to help her friend? Will Johnny ever B. Goode?

Hadley played Annette Funicello.

If this acting thing doesn’t work out, she has a future as a Mouseketeer.

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