Park City Mash-up: Snowmamas Party & Xtreme Ziplining

The Setting
For two blessed days, I stayed in the master bedroom at this glorious four-story “cottage” at Silver Star at Park City.

Call me crazy but I didn’t think cottages had elevators.

Snowmamas Party
I was in Park City for Evo Conference, a top-notch social media conference for bloggers of all abilities. I have been a Park City Mountain Resort’ “Snowmama” ambassador the past couple of years and this was a chance for us to congregate and have one final party. There was karaoking where it was confirmed I can neither sing nor dance.

And that my sole Paparazzi is 9-month-pregnant Head Snowmama Krista.

On Friday night, the Snowmamas threw a party. If you’ve never never been to Park City Mountain Resort in the summer, you’re missing out. The compendium of activities include the Alpine Coaster AND Alpine Slide, Ziprider, bungee trampoline, miniature golf, climbing wall and Little Miner’s Park with a carousel and rides for small children.
(With the Snowmamas prior to going down the Ziprider. Not all at the same time. That would have been craaaaazy).

Xtreme Fun
Even though I had a blast attending Evo and hanging with the Snowmamas, one of my favorite activities was at the very end. I’m a big fan of anything fast and furious and was thrilled when fellow Snowmama Linda hooked me up with a ticket for the Xtreme Zipline (a $20 value) at Utah Olympic Park. Careening down the world’s steepest zipline at 50 mph has been on my bucket list for a while.

If you’ve never been to Utah Olympic Park (UOP) in Park City it’s worth a visit. The facilities include interactive Alf Engen Ski Museum, the inspiring 2002 Eccles Olympic Winter Games Museum, a fascinating bus tour of the aerials, ski jump and the combined track venues. In the summer months, they have the “Quicksilver” alpine slide, the ULTRA and Xtreme Zipline and the bobsled.

Though I can’t say I recommend the latter item after my infamous run last winter.

I stopped by UOP on my way back to Salt Lake City after the conference. I’ve traveled extensively by myself but it never once occurred to me that you need a buddy to ride the zipline.

Evidently, that is the case because in I was the only solo rider when I arrived at the top of the chairlift. Undaunted, I chatted with the other people as we endured the hour-long wait. I wasn’t nervous in the least and despite its velocity and pitch, the Xtreme Zipline has never resulted in any fatalities.

The ride was a blast and for a moment, I felt like I was a ski jumper as I careened along the K 120 ski jumping hill. Rest assured, there were no crash landings.

But here’s a confession: you always wonder what you’ll think about during your final moments on earth. For some, they think of their family. Others, they pondering the meaning of life.

For me, I sent Jamie the following email just a few minutes before riding the Xtreme Zipline:

If I die on the zipline I just wanted to make sure you already returned my library books. :) XO -A

A sentimental fool ’til the bitter end.

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