Season of the Hunted: Relived

Yesterday was the first of our five Easter egg hunts. Yes, that would be five, two of which this Party Princess will oversee. I figure we’ll use the same strategy we did at Halloween when we went Trunk-or-Treat hopping and recycled our candy over and over. Because we’re cheap like that.

Jamie has been extensively prepping Hadley after last year’s fiasco. Some of you may remember at the commencement of the hunt, all she wanted to do was go down the slide. This, while all the other little urchins swiped those eggs that were rightfully ours. Admittedly, I scooped a few up in her basket for good measure. And didn’t share afterwards. It’s not like she earned them.

This time around, Jamie role played with her beforehand and she then gave me a mock demonstration:

“And dis is how I will scoop the eggs up and put dem in my basket!” (Note: this is the same basket that, when we were at the store, I told her she could pick whichever one she wanted…until she chose the most expensive one on the shelf. I then generously pointed her in the direction of the $1 buckets and repeated my offer. Because I’m cheap like that.)

“Great job picking up eggs, Haddie!”
“And if da kids get in the way, Daddy says I can push dem over.”
“Do you think that is a good idea?”
“And den dey’ll cry!” she announced triumphantly.
“Why will they do that?”
“Because I’ll swipe all the eggs.”

Well, it did not play out quite as violently as their tutoring sessions. Sure, Jamie coaxed her to cheat when she started 0.7 seconds before any other kid. And she did manage to shovel a good number of eggs in her bucket.

However, something he had not anticipated was that she would spot an egg the egg on the other side of the playground and pass over a gazillion others in order to retrieve It. This alone caused Coach Jamie to pull his hair out as he barked instructions:

“No, stop! You’re missing them! What are you dooooooooing?”

It made me look forward to allllll those years I’ll spend on the sidelines with him during our kids’ sporting events.

And as for our little Egg Hunter, Proud Papa took a picture of her afterwards with all her spoils:
Though don’t you think it would’ve been a bonus if he’d gotten the bucket with the eggs in the picture as well?…

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