That’s what husbands are for

I have felt overwhelmed and grateful by all the support I’ve received from friends, family and complete strangers since I started writing professionally.

But a few weeks ago, I received my first vicious email from a reader about my column in The Denver Post. I don’t write a lot of controversial stuff and what he was spewing out was so ludicrous, irrational and hateful toward children that I promptly deleted it and deemed him a madman.

But still, it bugged me.

Later that day, I commented to Jamie: “I got my first piece of hate mail today.”

He didn’t ask what it was about and only offered, “No, it wasn’t. Remember that kindergarten article you published a couple of years ago in the Denver Post’s YourHub? A man was so irate about it he sent ME an email telling me to tell my ‘misinformed wife’ she was nuts?”

“Thanks for the pick-me-up, Jamie.”

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