The act of juggling

Yes, I’m still alive. It is just the busiest week of our summer as we juggle Haddie’s art camp, Bode’s sports camp, and church and work meetings.

Who said summer was about R&R?

We had quite the week with a summer party in our backyard with neighbors.

Judging from the face of Bode’s bestie, the Fudgesicles were a hit.

As was the 6-mile mountain bike ride as Haddie finally conquered her new mountain bike.

The kiddos were the guests of honor at the inauguration at the Children’s Museum of Denver’s new interactive science exhibit 3, 2, 1…Blast Off (see my review here).

Not to be forgotten was hitting Water World on Wednesday. If you’ve never been to the nation’s biggest and baddest waterpark with 46 water adventures, you’re missing out. This was our best visit ever.

Disclaimer: The first time we went three years ago, baby Bode almost drowned when he fell off the ledge of the lazy river and I dove in after him, tubes flailing everywhere. For my second Water World experience, my friends’ teen-agers dragged me on every suicidal ride in the park–moderately traumatic for a water hater like myself.

Picnics are welcome, however, all beverage containers must be factory sealed. I did not know this and brought along my trusty CamelBak water bottle. Upon inspecting my bag, the worker told me I’d need to dispose of my water. After obliging, I queried “But my firearms are OK, right?”

And yes, such joking would’ve gotten me arrested at the airport.

Once inside the park, we met with a few other Mile High Mamas and their kiddos. Mine were in their element, “It’s like we’re on vacation!” Haddie squealed and she was correct. We were fortunate to chose a day with beautiful weather and minimal crowds.

We were repeatedly told to ride the most popular ride in the park–Voyage to the Center of the Earth–before it got to busy so we high-tailed over there. The problem is this quarter-mile-long plunge into a dark vortex with frightening dinosaurs was a bit too much for my kiddos.

OK, who am I fooling. And for me.

Note to self: Don’t do the scariest ride first.

In the end, the trauma was forgotten and we all had a blast.

Water and all.

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