The Big Reveal

Despite the fact Jamie lived in California once upon a time, he has never been to Disneyland.

His lawsuit against his parents is still pending.

The kids and I spent one whirlwind day there last year over Spring Break but were ill-prepared when our guide (my friend Steph) had to bail at the last minute. I’m still recovering from the trauma of being sent up the creek without a paddle.

A few weeks ago, I received a press release that Disney California Adventure will be celebrating the completion of a five-year major expansion with the opening of Cars Land in mid-June. I’m a firm believer everyone should go to Disneyland at least once in their lifetime so I turned to Jamie and half-jokingly queried: “Wanna go?”

$1,000 later (the cost of our airfare), it would appear we’re in.

The next step was telling the kids. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve had who have woken their kids up early on the day of departure to reveal they’re flying out to Disneyland…and were let down by their less-than ecstatic reaction. I can’t say I blame them. I wouldn’t be thrilled to be woken up at 5 a.m.

Plus, I can’t keep a secret that long.

For FHE last night, Jamie and I planted clues around the house i.e. “Where Fat Kitty likes his privacy” (kitty litter box), with the final clue “Daddy’s ‘Happy Place’” (the pumpkin patch, of course).

It would have gone smoothly if the kids could actually find the clues. One time Hadley had her hand right on it and still couldn’t track it down; in another instance, Bode had his leg pressed up against the clue.

I’m no longer partnering with them for the Amazing Race.

They weren’t the only ones with mishaps along the way. When we raced to the patch for the big reveal (where we had a picture of Mickey at Disneyland), the picture had blown down.

Mickey was windblown and crumpled but nonetheless received a thrilled reaction.

But from none greater than The Pumpkin Man.

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