The one and only time I’ll get political…without actually getting political

I have already established that I am NOT a political blogger. But there is a debate raging in the media that I feel we need to address: namely the nomination of Sarah Palin as Vice President.

Sure, there have been legitimate questions about her lack of experience. But really, if I wanted to go there (which I don’t), Barak Obama is running for President of the United States and his experience pales in comparison to McCain’s.

Let’s face it — the one with the most experience does not always win. I am also a firm believer that the people who make the most impact on the world are often those who don’t make the most sense on paper.

The real heart of this debate (and where I want your honest opinion) is can a mom of five with a son being deployed to Iraq, a pregnant teen-aged daughter and a special needs baby be up for the task? There. I said it.

I was not sure what rubbed me the wrong way about Sarah Palin’s nomination. Sure, I felt pandered to but a brave post written by Angela at Segullah blog really nailed it:

…If Palin were a man, the family situation would still give me pause. But as much as it (kinda?) troubles me to admit it . . . not as long a pause. Because, dang it, Sarah Palin is a mother, and I’m a mother, and I know how it *feels* to be a mother, and these feelings lead me to wonder two things. First, is it really possible for Palin to give her full time and attention to the monumental task of running the country when she has so much going on in her family life?

And second (and this is the REALLY tricky one, and I’m not trying to offend anyone

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