Viva The Christmas Spirit!

I have gotten many emails from friends absolutely bewildered that they received our infamous Christmas newsletter earlier this week. Yes, that would be before Christmas. Now, lest you think I am the Queen of Holiday Spirit, allow me to take off my musical reindeer ears and explain.

There are a few reasons why I have already finished our cards and 99% of my holiday shopping, the main one being I am in charge of the mother of all Christmas parties at church next Friday. I couldn’t just plan a boring ol’ ham-and-Santa party for 200+ people. Noooo. I had to wax ambitious during the busiest time of the year and plan “A Night in Bethlehem” (which, for me, is turning out to be “A Night in Hades.”)

This is a recreation of first-century Bethlehem, complete with scrolls I individually wrapped as invitations and a marketplace (that we are constructing from scratch) which includes Middle Eastern fare, a toy shop for the kids, and a Gift of the Magi booth with gold, frankincense and myrrh (to name a few). Oh, and individual coin sachets for bartering. If all this wasn’t a logistical nightmare, there is also a Christmas program to follow.

I knew I couldn’t pull this one off by myself so solicited leaders of other faculties to help, some of whom I have butted heads with in the past as they have second-guessed every decision I have made. I’ll spare you all the drama but this time has been different, primarily because I have refused to be bullied around as I have laid down the law. Because I don’t want highly-controversial eggs at this event. Oh, and because I AM The Queen of Christmas Spirit (lest you had forgotten my reindeer ears.)

The other main reason for my extreme anal retentiveness lately is because I am heading up to the Motherland mid-December with the kids. Jamie has to work right up until the holiday so I figured that there is no better way to spread Christmas cheer than to fly solo and let my kids’ screams resonate throughout the plane’s cabin.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should forego the reindeer ears on that trip. For fear of hunting season, of course….

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