When in Exile: Virginia Beach or Bust Part I

Here’s the not-so funny thing about being evacuated for a Hurricane. You go from this in the Outer Banks:

To this in Suffolk, a dreary inland suburb of Norfolk.

As an exiled family well-versed in making lemonade out of lemons, we congregated at the Virginia Beach Aquarium and Marine Science Center. I’ll admit it: my expectations were low. And they were very happily exceeded as we explored 300 interactive exhibits about marshes, the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Though the outdoor aviary, nature trail, and marshlands were closed due to the rain, the entire family loved discovering thousands of animals representing over 300 species.

In case you could not tell, Bode has forgotten how to smile in pictures and instead opts for an opt-mouthed gasp.

The kids loved the 3D IMAX® Theatre’s production on Dolphins and Whales.

Though evidently sweet Bode also struggles with the concept of wearing glasses.

The Crazy Canuck Clan had one must-visit restaurant: Dirty Dicks Crab House (mostly so we could say we did this):

We were evacuated from the Outer Banks before this dream came to fruition but were delighted to discover DD was in Virginia Beach. But all our hopes were for naught. After driving around aimlessly, we learned that Dear Ol’ Dirty Dicks had closed down and so we got our crabs at Hooks Saltwater Grill & Sushi.

Sadly, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Stay tuned for When in Exile: Virginia Beach or Bust Part II

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