Why I Have One Foot….Err…Knee In the Grave

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about my knee so I suppose I should back up a bit to tell you what is going on.

Albeit very slowly because I’m an invalid these days.

No, I did not have an accident. That, at least, would made for a spectacular story. What I’m suffering from is just extreme wear and tear on my right knee from years of athletics. About a year and a half ago I started experiencing some moderate pain after running. A year ago, I had to abandon running altogether but was fine with my other activities.

Until recently.

I used to play competitive volleyball and got together with some friends in Utah to play over Spring Break. I couldn’t walk for two days afterward. I was also asked to be a leader on a pioneer trek and had to pull out because I knew my knee wouldn’t survive four days of extreme conditions.

Plus, I don’t look good in a bonnet.

It’s been the last two months that my knee has grown progressively worse. I went on a pretty moderate hike a couple of weeks ago, which caused a lot of pain. But the catalyst for finally calling the doctor was last week. I was hanging out on my bed watching TV and an unbearable pain overcame me. For about 2 minutes, I couldn’t bend or straighten my knee and I knew I needed to intervene–immediately.

I was on the phone with the doc the next day.

Since that time, I can’t even walk without limping. I had my appointment yesterday where X-rays were taken. The doctor observed, “If you will look at how worn out that area is, it looks like you’ve got arthritis.”

He went on to explain that there is likely a problem with my meniscus, which is a wedge of cartilage in the knee joint. However, the X-ray couldn’t reveal what is truly going on so I have to go back for an MRI next week.

Now, I’m sure most people would not be happy about the prospect of a more serious problem and a requisite MRI. And believe me, I’m trying not to think of that $2,500 co-pay (good-bye, Christmas).

But I was relieved it looks like more than just arthritis because I want this fixed. The prospect of living with it the rest of my life is not a good one.

Plus, arthritis is for old people, isn’t it?

When I go to the doctor’s office, an admitted guilty pleasure is catching up on all the gossip magazines. But the selection in this particular waiting room?

A wide assortment of Arthritis Today.

Welcome to my new life.

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