Why you should never try to reason with an unreasonable woman

Every Monday night at our house is “Family Home Evening,” a time that is dedicated to playing games, making treats, teaching, whatever. Basically, the main point is just to be together as a family.

For our latest FHE, we decided to compile a 72-hour kit. Due to the latest rash of natural disasters in the world, we have been strongly advised by our church to have one. I deem this to be a great idea, particularly after watching the poor survivors of Hurricane Katrina who never could have fathomed the scope of the disaster.

Being avid backpackers and campers, we already have many of the basics (tent, water storage, propane stove, etc.) but needed some food to add to our supplies. Sound like an easy task? Guess again. I forget what a finicky eater I am until I go shopping with someone else. Particularly when I am forced to eat prepackaged or non-perishables such as MREs or Ramen Noodles, which I despise. With everything Jamie put in the cart, I responded with an opposing whine.

“It’s all about survival, Amber.”
“It’s all about edible, Jamie.”

Back and forth we went. As aforementioned, I know I’m picky. But there must be some non-perishables out there that make me not want to perish at the thought of eating them. Finally, Jamie threw up his hands, frustrated.

“Amber, do you really think it’ll matter that you have to eat Top Ramen if half the continent is taken out by a huge earthquake?”

“Exactly my point, Jamie. We’ll be depressed enough. Why make it more depressing by having to eat Ramen Noodles?”

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