A glorious, glorious spring in Denver (with a warning for summer)

So, we’ve been busy:

Getting drenched at our two-week-long soccer clinic. Hadley won the award for the most stretched-out pants.

It came in the form of a plumber’s crack.

Catching Fat Kitty in compro*mising positions.

Discovering a nest of baby robins and charting their daily growth…

…while trying to avoid getting pecked by protective Mama Robin.

Road-tripping to Glenwood Springs!

(Trip report forthcoming).

Hiking Lookout Mountain and getting an urgent phone call from your husband once you reach the summit that you needed to rush home ASAP. Not because one of the kids is dead or maimed but…

…so you can take care of your third child: The Great Pumpkin.

Impromptu evening play in the sprinklers with neighborhood besties.

Cuz 55-degree weather counts as downright balmy for these Colorado kids.

Finally having the courage to bike down The Big Hill to our soon-to-be-completed playground.

And smack-talking the neighborhood boys about how fast you did it. You know. Those same freaks of athletic nature who ditched the training wheels when they were 2.

Falling in love with Caleb at Field Day.

The same boy you said you would someday marry “because he’s a good listener.”

And running Mommy so ragged that she waved the white flag and exclaimed, “That’s it, I AM IN SERIOUS NEED OF A BREAK!”

And summer break is not the answer.

Now that school is winding down, what has been keeping you busy?

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