A poker face he has not

Last week, Denver had a cold snap that rendered everyone wussy (spoken like a true Canadian). With a mere three inches of snow on the ground, school was canceled for two days. Then, we woke up to a half a foot of snow on Sunday so church was canceled as well.

Did I mention school and church were never, ever canceled in Canada?

Because let’s face it: if snow and cold were the standard for snow days, Canadians just wouldn’t go anywhere in the wintertime.

Between all those days off and a sick mama, we’ve been playing a lot of board and card games. I love that my kids are finally old enough to play and some of our especial favorite are Uno Attack, Trouble and Sorry.

At four years old, Bode is doing a fantastic job at learning. Most of the time. When he and I were playing Uno Attack yesterday, he started placing his cards on the holder and murmured,

“OK, dere’s some red and then two blues….”

“Bode, you’re not supposed to tell me what you have in your hand.”

“I’m not telling you, Mommy. I’m telling me.”

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