A Stellar Snowmamas Summit and the Hunk of Sizzling Beef (literally)

For the past four years, I’ve headed to Park City Mountain Resort the first weekend in December for a Snowmamas summit to welcome all the new recruits. Flying into Utah is just like coming home.And staying at the luxurious Silver Star condos is what I wish I could call home. The purpose of the weekend is to ski, get to know the new Snowmamas (and Papa!) and review the nuts and bolts of contributing to Snowmamas.com’s cutting-edge social media site that is intended to make ski/snowboard vacations easier for families.

And what better way to lend advice than to delve into Park City Mountain Resort’s many activities including the Flying Eagle zip line and alpine slide.We really have an impressive group who were selected from hundred of applicants (see them here). That’s me waving at the very back, like the party crasher I am. #PhotoBomb

We also ate a lot of great food.  I had my doubts about trying Asian restaurant Yuki Arashi because I hate sushi. But then I met the Wagyu Beef Tataki that I cooked on a 500-degree Himalayan sea-salt block. It was the very opposite of disgusting raw fish.

Every Friday at 10 a.m. during the season, Snowmamas does an on-mountain meet-up and any parent is invited to ski/snowboard. It is a fantastic way to socialize and meet other snow-loving people.

Just stay away from Lisa (second from the left). She’s a bit overprotective.

I had to cut out a day early to make it back for our ward Christmas party but there’s nothing quite like flying home to Colorado’s mountains…and then wandering around lost at the airport parking lot. Because nothing says “Welcome home” quite like forgetting where you parked.

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