A Whole Lotta Randomness

What a fantastic weekend we are having! The weather has been superb (translation: not too hot, though 85 degrees did get a little toasty for this Canuck).

We went for walks, played soccer, tackled the playground, raced through sprinklers, trekked a beloved hike at Chatauqua Park and ate at my favorite restaurant for outdoor dining located just adjacent. See those people right on the edge of the balcony? That was us reeling the Hurricane in as she attempted to dive-bomb food to unsuspecting pedestrians. Never a dull moment, I tell ya!


Then there is Bode. The boy is starting to walk and took a record-breaking 18 steps the other day. And after months of wondering if the kid would have to wear false teeth for the rest of his life, #3 and #4 are finally coming in. And oh, how the boy didst teethe.


This is a first for my “Mom Blog” to wax epicureous but we have been eating well lately. Really well. I was getting bored with our standard sustenance so have been experimenting with some healthy dishes. I came across two kick-butt recipes: Grilled Chicken with Tomato Tarragon Sauce (though we used fresh basil instead) and a copycat recipe for P.F. Chang’s famous lettuce wraps.

Would it reflect badly upon me to admit I had tears in my eyes as I didst eat? I still get choked up just thinking about it. Get it? Choked….


I’m throwing another big bash on Saturday complete with a BBQ, softball, volleyball and races for the kids. I figured it would be a brilliant idea to combine with another ward; the more the merrier, right? OK, truth be told, the other ward’s Activity Leader is really on the ball so I figured I would coast through this event and leech off her committee. After all I have been through, am I not deserving?

All was going well until my former go-getter had a nervous breakdown regarding some family issues. This has resulted in her release from that position and a completely clueless replacement.

And so here I stand in the same #$&*#$ boat as before: with very little help and a huge party to throw. But this is much better. Because evidently throwing a party for 300 people is soooooo much more rewarding than a mere 150.

Update: I just had a meeting with Said Clueless Replacement and slyly assigned her the nightmare task of buying all the food and overseeing food distribution. Meanwhile I, The Party Princess, shall manage the entertainment/games. Maybe there are some advantages to working with clueless people. :-)

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