Avid4 Adventure Camp: In Pictures

I’d be lying to say I didn’t live vicariously though my kiddos as they did one of Denver’s best summer camps I would have only dreamed to do as a kid. Every day was (literally) a new adventure. I don’t know how Avid4 Adventure did it but they created something special that went beyond mere activities and fun to an everlasting bond with the other kids and nature.

The best part of all: even though each of them had a Parent’s Day where I was able to attend for a couple of hours, Avid4 posted pictures of their adventures so I was able to follow them daily, as well as a “report card” at the end that details all the new skills they acquired.

They sure have a lot to teach me.

Bode’s Experience

Bode is the kind of kind who makes instant friends wherever he goes (it’s a gift, I’m telling you). This is his Group 1 “Lava Bullets” at the climbing walls. Coincidentally, Bode’s soccer team had the same name. Any guesses as to who might have suggested it?

Is it just me or do they look absolutely adorable?

 Of course, I couldn’t have him lose face in front of his buddies by pinching their cheeks. It’s not becoming of adventure campers.

Hanging with Grandma on Parent’s Day

 Lava Bullets rocked their hike up Mt. Galbraith. Their instructors said they went further than any 5-6-year-old group they’ve ever had.

I did the same hike that week and I’m telling you, it was no stroll in the park.

Maybe I needed the Lava Bullets there to whip me into shape.

Bode’s class started their biking session by gauging everyone’s level in the parking lot as they navigated obstacles.

 And then took it to the pathway along gorgeous Clear Creek in Golden.

But my most surreal experience? Watching my 5-year-old take turns kayaking at Bear Creek Lake Park.

It was, hands down, the perfect day.

And, of course, his week would not have been complete without awesome instructors Alex and Steve.They should get a prize for juggling such a rambunctious group of boys.

Or at least a long time to recover.


Hadley’s Experience

I like to call Hadley my extroverted introvert. Though she’s social and enjoys being around people, she is perfectly content to be a loner on her own terms. But she also loves a good adventure so I was thrilled when she delved right into the activities and made some good friends by the end of the week.

Hiking Lair ‘o the Bear

Their rock climbing and mountain biking days were a lot more extreme than Bode’s group and she scaled a real cliff for the former and hit the backcountry for the latter. Her instructors didn’t take any pictures mountain biking but a covered-in-mud daughter was worth a thousand words.

I don’t call her “Adventure Girl” for nothing.

 But canoeing with her on parent’s day will be one of my all-time favorite memories. Each of the kids took a turn explaining the requisite skills and safety considerations to all the parents, giving them a great opportunity to apply what they’d learned.

And then we we canoed around the lake–laughing, playing games like “Stinky Fish” and practicing getting in and out of the canoe.

I didn’t take my camera in the canoe with me. Ask my friend Tina why. It had something to do with the last time I canoed with her husband, we took a nice dunk in the lake.

I’ve reached my quota on having to replace cameras.

But lest you think it was all adventure and no fun, think again. I can’t tell you how many games my kids learned at base camp.

And, of course, Hadley’s experience would not have been complete without her inspiring, accomplished and capable instructors, Kelly and Haley (seriously, just look at their bios). I want to be just like them when I grow up.

And since it’s too late for me, there’s always hope for Haddie.

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