Birthday boy (and cakes) at the lake

Bode and birthdays go together like cake and ice cream. Since we started spending July in Canada a few years ago, the kid has scored on multiple “pretend” parties leading up to his big day.

1) His party with Denver friends (this year it was with Rolling Video Games Denver).
2) He’d have a family dinner with Jamie because Jamie was rarely with us up north.
3) He’d have his real birthday in Canada.
4) This would be followed by another fete with Jamie’s siblings when he returned.

For his eighth birthday, he only got three birthday parties but made up for it with five cakes. Impressive, non?

We were vacationing at Okanagan Lake in British Columbia for his birthday. Early that morning, I bought 100 Timbits from Tim Hortons, his favorite food on earth.

Not familiar with Timbits? Think the most delectable variety of doughnut holes on earth. And sorry Dunkin’ Doughnuts–your sub-par Munchkins don’t even come close.

The boy had a fabulous day boating and playing with his cousins on the dock and our beach.

But his real win on his birthday was in cakes. I had casually mentioned I planned to get him an ice cream cake for his birthday. I called in the order but unbeknownst to me, my generous Aunt Sue and mom went to Dairy Queen and bought two birthday cakes. I figured I couldn’t cancel the order after they’d already made it so we ended up eating three birthday cakes that week.

No one complained, especially not Bode.

We topped off the day with movie night on a friend’s beach. Hadley’s birthday at The Broadmoor was pretty tough to beat.

But this came pretty darn close. Happy birthday, Bode man!

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