Bode’s old obsession

We’re going through a really funny phase with Bode. He’s always been a black-and-white kid and certainly loves playing his Wii a couple of times a week. I don’t work for Nintendo but every few months, a big box arrives with some new game for Bode to try out. I say “Bode” because Hadley has lost interest in the Wii (though she recently tried Just Dance at a friend’s and said she loved it).

There may be hope for her to gain the rhythm I never had.

But really, Bode is the sole proprietor of the Wii. One night after he went to bed, we had some people over and fired it up. When Bode heard those magical melodies, he shouted downstairs:


He takes his job very seriously.

Last month, a box was delivered for us to try out Mario Party 9–a party game for multiple players. Accompanying the game were various plush Mario toys and some Mario wall-hangings (guess where those are going). We surprised him with everything during his Easter egg hunt.

His opinion of the Easter bunny increased exponentially.

So, in keeping with Mario Party, we threw our own party for Family Home Evening. Hadley was a reluctant whiner but Jamie was insistent that we dedicate a night doing something Bode loves for once

And lo did he ever love playing his new game with us.

And to be honest, so did I. I’m not one to sit down and play Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros., for the sole reason Bode leaves me in his dust. But Mario Party 9  has 80 minigames with Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom buddies. Games I could actually compete with Mushroom King Bode.

In the end, he still ended up beating us all and Hadley was still a store loser.

Me: “Why are you so mad?”
Hadley: “Because Bode is BRAGGING!”
Jamie: “That’s the entire point of playing it!”

Bode: 1, Hadley: 0.

Note: That’s Bode’s old obsession. Tune in next week for his new obsession.

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