Camp Chief Ouray = Hurray!

On Sunday afternoon, we dropped the kids off at Camp Chief Ouray at YMCA of the Rockies near Granby, Colorado. For six blissful days, they have been horseback riding, singing around the campfire, bonding with their cabinmates, hiking and having the time of their lives.

Jamie and I planned to do the same. I was originally invited on a press trip to Tennessee but my sweet husband asked me not to go and promised he’d make it worth my while to stay behind. We’ve had dates every night–from Downton Abbey marathons (we’re newly hooked) to steak dinners to a night at the temple to going out to eat at a Peruvian restaurant.

It has been wonderful¬† to reconnect as a couple–the first time we’ve been truly alone at our house since we started having kids 10 years ago.

While I was driving with the kids last week, I raved about the couple time Jamie and I were going to have and, trying to get a reaction from the kids, promised there would be lots of kissing in their absence.  They both protested and groaned.

“Hadley, what’s the big deal? Don’t you want Mom and Dad to be in love and not get divorced?”

“Sure I do but you don’t have to be all crazy about it.”


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