Canuck Clan Profundities

[Setting: Date night for the Canuck parents. Driving hurriedly down the freeway so as not to miss our appointment.]

Cue the music.

Jamie: Don’t let me forget to change my tail light tomorrow. Someone told me it is out.

Amber: No problem, my loving, hunka hunka hunka hubby of burning love (or something like that.)

Not even five minutes later, Jamie encounters a state trooper on the freeway and moves to pass him.

Amber: Err… Jamie? Do state troopers pull people over for broken tail lights?

Jamie: I’m not sure.

Jamie brazenly passes him. The trooper fires up the siren and turns on the lights.

Jamie: I guess that would be a “Yes.”

[Fade music, dim the lights. Or would that be another kind of dim?...]


Getting Hadley dressed and out the door in the morning can be likened unto banging your head against a wall. With thorns. Though she has gotten somewhat better lately, brushing her hair is still an on-going battle.

Amber: [Exasperated after a 10-minute battle] Do you want me to cut your hair off all short and ugly like Bode and Daddy’s? (No offense intended for anyone with short hair).


Amber: Then let me brush your hair!

Hadley: It hurts too much! I don’t want you to ever brush it again!

Amber: I am doing it as softly as I can. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t brush your hair.

Hadley: Well, you don’t brush yours.


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