Celebrating back-to-school “Me” day in Utah

It may come as a shock to anyone who knows me but I really, really like to be alone.

I also like to socialize, as my third grade teacher divulged on my report card when she said I had “verbal diarrhea.”

Though I truly love exploring with my children, the toughest adjustment to motherhood for me was lack of alone time. When I was single, I frequently traveled, hiked, biked and played by myself.

Since having kids, alone time is practically non-existent, especially during the summer.

Today marks the beginning of what I call freedom.

Others call it back-to-school.

For three glorious hours a day, four days a week, I will have a sliver of time to work, play and recharge before delving into our wonderfully frenzied life all over again.

A few weeks ago, my children and I traveled in a snazzy (and sadly, loaner) Lincoln MKT to Utah to visit beloved Grandma and Grandpa who unceremoniously abandoned us to move to Utah.

Truly, I have gotten over my bitterness.

Over the course of 10 days, we we visited The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, which boasts the world’s largest display of mounted dinosaurs. We soared down the zipline, alpine coaster and slide at Park City Mountain Resort’s second-to-none base area, whisked above the treetops on the ferris wheel at Liberty Park, splashed at the family’s cabin at Scofield Reservoir State Park and hiked favorite haunts above Red Butte Gardens.

But admist the flurry of fun, I desperately longed for some alone time and my generous mother-in-law gave me just that when she offered to watch my kids.

Actually, I kinda begged her. Must have been my puppy-dog eyes and bulging I-need-a-break-NOW vein in my forehead.

The great thing about having a solo day on vacation is you are not tempted or guilted into staying home and tackling drugeries like cleaning.

Not that I ever do that anyway.

So, just how did I spent my glorious day?

*In-line skating the Bonneville Shoreline Trail up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. When I lived in Utah, this was my Happy Place. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out why.

*Driving the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. This 20-mile drive winds through aspen groves and rugged alpine canyons of the Wasatch Mountains, passing Robert Redford’s famed resort, Sundance and the commanding 11,749-foot Mount Timpanogos.

*Buying darling clothes from Utah-based Down East Basics and inhaling a Pinata Colada Salad at Cafe Zupos. If either store were to grace Colorado with their presence, I would single-handedly keep them in business.

I finished off my day by visiting my friend Kristy who just had a darling baby girl. I stopped by Les Madeleines Patisserie and Café to buy us their signature indulgence: the Kouing-aman. This rich buttery pastry from Brittany is so addictive you’d swear it is “crack.”

Though it’s a heckuvalot more calories.

I like to think it’s this mama’s new version of bon bons.

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