Children Update Part II: The Slug

As for Bode, welp, he’s my testament of just how colicky and difficult Haddie really was as a newborn. In addition to being easy going, he has this sheepish little grin that’ll win the ladies over someday. He lights up whenever Haddie comes into the room and she has affectionately nicknamed him “The Boder.” He looooves to be held and only fusses when we dare to put him down or when he’s tired and hungry (a trait he has no doubt learned from his father). And yes if you were wondering, Haddie’s marathon tantrums were more in line with her mother.

I can finally see why people like newborns. I still remember when my friends Dave and Rebecca came to stay with us last summer. Their daughter, Sienna, was only a few months old and if it were possible for the perfect baby Jesus to be reborn onto this earth, she was it. She never cried, slept like a dream, and would entertain herself for long periods of time. Because there was nothing more fascinating than gazing at the air in front of her. They would also fight over her:

“No, Dave, it’s my turn to hold Sienna.”

“Becca, you’ve had her for too long. It’s my turn.”

Don’t get me wrong. We loved the Hurricane and even fought over her. But our arguments were more along the lines of:

“No, Jamie. I’ve had her all day. Take the child NOW.”

“No way. I’ve filled my quota for the rest of my life.”

Bottom line, Jamie and I looked at the two of them like they were some disgusting, lovesick couple with unadulterated PDAs. Oh wait. That used to be us before we had The Hurricane. Coincidentally, it was Dave who christened her with that nickname. I am hoping they give birth to a tornado the next time around. It’s only fair, right?

Jamie and I tried to reason with ourselves that Sienna was a boring little slug. I mean, she just laid there and never made a peep; at least Hadley had some spunk, y’know?

However since giving birth to a slug, I have deemed it a beautiful thing. And if I could give birth to more miniature mollusks, the world would be a better place.

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