Colorado Life According to Instagram

It only takes a quick glance of the onslaught of pictures I’ve taken on my phone to realize I’m so far behind on documenting my life I’ll never get caught up. I’ve been wrapping up a couple of big campaigns and took on an additional freelance assignment in addition to everything else I’m juggling. But no complaints here. Whenever I start to feel grumpy about my lack of free time, I’m filled with gratitude that so many doors have been opened for me at Denver’s biggest media outlets and that the kiddos are happy and healthy.

That said, I told Jamie when much of it wraps mid-April, I’m hitting the trail. A lot. At the beginning of the school year, I declared this to be my “Princess Year.”  with the kids finally in school full-day. Welp, it never happened; I’ve just been too busy. But I’ve decided those final weeks before school lets will be my Princess Month. I’ll take whatever I can squeak out at this point.

What we’ve been up to lately:

Threw a going-away party for Bode’s teacher Mrs. Davenport who has been substituting for the last few months for his beloved teacher who was out on personal leave.I got choked up during my good-bye speech to her, even though I’d barely met the woman. Because I’m an emotional wreck like that.

One day when I met my deadlines early, I rewarded myself with a hike at Chautauqua, my favorite area on the Front Range.

Because I’m nice to myself like that.

Took this girl to the great outdoors to collect sticks for a class project we’ll reveal later.

I didn’t complain when I was left to do the compiling while this girl explored across Clear Creek on her own.

We kicked off Spring Break with Bode’s friend Nicky’s party at Mid-air Adventures, which was a ziplining and high-flying adventure. I was proud of both kiddos for doing the giant swing, which terrified them.Better them than me.

Though we thought winter was behind us, we got a big dump of snow this weekend so we, of course, had to play. I was impressed when Hadley proactively started clearing off Jamie’s car and Bode shoveled our neighbor’s driveway.

Though I ended up finishing both jobs, we’ll count this as “It’s the thought that counts.”

And finally, sweet Bode brought home the numerous projects he has been working on this term. He has been learning about goods/services and needs/wants in his economics class.
I don’t know if I’m more charmed that he has Heavenly Father under “My Needs” or homework under “My Wants.” #SpiritualGeek

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