Enabling those who are apparently not able

My sister-in-law Tammy sent this video. I’d seen it a few months prior but it bears reposting.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cds7lSHawAw]

Message: drinking ain’t pretty.

Another case in point is Hangover 2. I haven’t seen this movie, nor do I have plans to see it. Jamie works closely with three cool sales executives who send him a large number of clients. As thanks, Jamie bought each of them $100 gift cards for Sullivan’s Steakhouse last year.

The three men started out at Sullivan’s and spent the remainder of the evening (and early morning) bar-hopping in LoDo (Lower Downtown). One ended up shattering his hand that later required surgery (and doesn’t remember what happened) and has no idea how he got home. As for the other two, they somehow made it back but there are big gaps in their memory.

Any other person would have opted to buy them something safe like chocolates this year but not Jamie. Once again he bought them Sullivan’s Steakhouse gift cards and presented them with this lovely Photoshopped card.

Let’s just pray there won’t be a Part III.

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