From Injury-faker to Superstar: How Bode Got His Groove Back at Park City Mountain Resort

My 5-year-old son Bode has had quite the skiing history during his young life.

Named after skiing legend Bode Miller, we hoped he would show an affinity for the sport. What we got: a roller-coaster ride with several crashes along the way.

When we first put Bode on skis at age 3, he was fearless. Refusing to do the wedge, he carved in and out of his fellow skiers in a crouched tuck position. At age 4, he lost some of his confidence and this year at age 5, a bad experience at the beginning of the season resulted in an aversion to the sport as he faked an injury to get out of ski school.

It wasn’t pretty.

But with our recent four-day vacation to Park City Mountain Resort, I knew his experience on the slopes would make-or-break him.

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