Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving and what a holiday it was! In keeping with tradition, we dragged our butterball butts up the Turkey Trot Trail in the morning. It was a gorgeous day for a hike with temperatures in the 60s. Haddie was in her element and we were so proud she did much of the strenuous hike by herself while Bode passed out only after a few minutes on the trail (also a tradition). We figure we burned about 400 calories, juxtaposed against the 5,000 we consumed a few hours later.

And then for out gluttonous Thanksgiving dinner. Jamie insisted on doing our specialty bacon-wrapped turkey and jalapeno dressing (YUM), along with buttermilk/garlic mashed potatoes, fresh rolls and salads. I thought we’d escaped the horror of Green Bean Casserole because Jamie’s sister (who always makes it) was out of town. But lucky for us, this is one family tradition that refuses to die and Jamie’s brother decided to pick up the slack. Because what would a meal be without that green slop?

But the real highlight was the pies. Jamie’s mother tends to overdo it and this year was no different with apple, key lime, pecan, pumpkin pie and cheesecake. This averaged out to one pie per person, odds that agreed with all of us. Except for when it came to rolling ourselves off the couch later that evening.

Despite all the gluttony, there was also gladness when we remembered it was last year at this time that we announced baby Bode would be joining our family. As I reflect upon everything in 2006, we’ve had our tough times: a sickly pregnancy, tough post-partum, Hubby’s crummy health and demanding work schedule.

But the blessings are undeniable and reminders always come in unexpected, brilliant flashes. That moment when we’re snuggled together as a family with Haddie hamming it up and Bode laughing his squishy little guts out at her. Seeing beyond the tough daily grind to the magic of ordinary days: the sloppy kisses, the joys of the kids’ self-discovery, and that moment when Jamie finally walks in the door as Haddie rushes to greet him and we are finally complete. These are just some of my many blessings. I hope you were reminded of yours this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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