Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

I had one of my best Mother’s Days on record. It started with breakfast-in-bed, thanks to Jamie and Hadley.

Though I could have done without the wake-up call to receive it (guilty parties, take note). Fortunately, they ended much better with grlled rib-eye steaks for dinner.

I was showered with gifts that included a handmade mug and card from Hadley, a personalized card and photo from Bode and a much-needed Sierra Designs windbreaker from The Honey.

At church, moms were revered, honored, and perhaps most importantly fed pie. I say “most importantly” because a couple of years ago, they attempted to yank this long-standing tradition by instead giving us a nice flower.

It did not go over well.

We’re a “let them eat cake pie” kinda ward.

Following church, I wanted to spend time with my family in a meaningful way so suggested we go for a walk around Evergreen Lake’s 1.3-mile loop. Just a 20-minute drive from our house, this mountain hamlet has long been a favorite skating destination in the winter. We spotted mallards, Canadian geese, Double-crested Cormorant and crawdads.
We threw rocks, marveled at the dam and resolved to return this summer to go paddle-boating.

Possibly my favorite Mother’s Day ever?

I’m so grateful for my mom, mother-in-law and all my friends who are such tremendous examples of how to be a great mom. I’m indebted to my kids for making me one in the first place and for showering with me with affection and recognition.

Now, I just need to figure out how to convince them every day is Mother’s Day.

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