Happy Birthday to Papa Canuck!

In keeping with the tradition I started with Jeek to exploit my family on their birthdays, let us turn our attentions to dear ‘ol dad. The problem with him is, welp, he’s the only normal one in the bunch. Meaning: it’s tough to get any dirt on him.

Him: Quiet. Us: Deafening.
Him: Dependable. Us: Unstable.
Him: Patient. Us: Not.

What can I say? He’s the man who was there for every community, club and school sport I ever played, quietly cheering me on. He’s the man who would ditch me on the slopes and inspire me to catch up. He’s the man who would take me on daddy-daughter ski days, hikes, roller-blading excursions and bike rides all over the city.

He’s the man who secretly fixes anything that is broken whenever he comes to visit. He’s the man who went skating around Lake Bonavista with me in -30 degree weather and relished about how amazing it was that we had the whole place to ourselves (go figure). He’s the man who taught me that frozen nose hair is cool and something to be proud of.

He’s the man who taught me about life, about nature, about beauty and about the importance of being at one with yourself and your surroundings. He’s the man who set my standard high to marry a man who would always love me unconditionally.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful dad who is a rock and foundation to us all! OK, well maybe just to Jeek, Patrick and me but believe me, that’s more than enough….

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