Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re in the home stretch before school lets out and I’ve been racing through writing deadlines, purging the house and holding a garage sale, field day, chaperoning Bode’s field trip to the aquarium, piano, Hadley’s 3-day camping excursion to a farm, wrapping up soccer and tennis, a long weekend in Colorado Springs, a father-son campout, a kick-off to summer potluck with a few friends and oh, did I mention I’m sick? Check on me after May 31 and you’ll be able to put a fork in me. Though at that point, I may opt for a knife.

With grandkids in the Outer Banks

Of course, Sunday is Mother’s Day and I’m so grateful for my mom. Around Christmas, we almost lost her and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that she pulled through. Growing up, she was always the life of the party, uber-talented domestically (cooking, crafts, sewing, you name it) and so cool my friends would come to hang out with her. She started selling her crafts on consignment in the area and was encouraged to showcase her talents by opening a successful tea room and gift shop. She was the reason people came for miles…she knew how to make people laugh and feel special. She has always had an admirable sense of fashion and was an amazing cook (hence the reason she opened a restaurant).

One of my favorite memories is when I was 16, she and her business partner took  her daughter and me to San Francisco. While they were at a gift show, my friend and I explored the city, after which the four of us rented a car and fell in love with the gorgeous coasts of Carmel and Monterey. On my recent visit to Calgary, I interviewed her about her colorful personal history of growing up on the farm in Southern Alberta..from cutting off chicken’s heads to funny stories about my grandparents who raised her. Truly, I come from such a wonderful legacy.

Her 25-year-long battle with her horrid disease has been a roller-coaster as it has ravaged her poor body and mind. A recent blessing she received gave some perspective on it–that the Lord views what she has gone through and continues to go through as a sacrifice. And she has had to give up so much of her former life that I know it kills such an independent spitfire like her. But through it all, she is so kind to her grandkids and does what she can with and for them and is so generous to my brothers and me.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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