How to greatly influence your husband…or not

Scene–Ravenous Hubby walks into the kitchen after working out with his dad. Wife is making cookies for a sick friend.

Wife: I just wrote a post about the Disney on Ice “Influencer” event.

Husband: Yeah?

Wife: The jist of it was that ALL moms are Influencers, not just those in the public eye.

Husband: Oh, really. Aren’t you supposed to save that kind of stuff for Mother’s Day?

Wife: Mothers want to be appreciated year-round, James.

Husband: I don’t argue with a woman making cookies.


Jamie writes little reminders for himself on Outlook:

“Conference call at 3 p.m.”

“Send mock-up to client by 5 p.m.”

This is what one would expect and many of his entries are along these lines. Until I noticed he had two very peculiar entries:

“Turn lights on” and “turn lights off.”

I did not think to ask him about it and forgot about the whole thing. Until I went to our basement and discovered this little gem in the closet of the children’s playroom:

Yes, my friends. This makeshift greenhouse means that Pumpkin Season 2009 has begun. Actually, it never really ended and he has been out rototilling his new pumpkin patch and dreaming about seeds all winter. His goal is to tip the scales at 1,000 pounds this year and he will also grow one for each of the kids.

You will note the fourth member of the family is not included in the pumpkin plans.

Evidently, I don’t have as much influence as I would have liked.

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