Immaculate Labor and a Herodian Dictator

Jamie was a star over the weekend. Well, actually a luminescent shepherd at a local nativity pageant. On Saturday and Sunday, he braved the near sub-zero temperatures amidst snow and blizzards to seek out the baby Jesus, who was found wrapped in swaddling down and frozen in a manger (this is the Colorado version of the story).

The head organizer (or should I say “Herod” organizer) was rather tyrannical and would not let the “actors” wear gloves or hats. Allegedly, frozen fingers were also a part of the original Christmas story. But despite these trying times, my beloved James survived and claims he received the most stage time of anyone, even Mary, Joseph and Jesus. What a swell shepherd, albeit a cocky one.

Haddie and I had vowed to support him during all his performances…until it got cold. And then Jamie’s fair-weather fans only made it to one. The pageant had all the regular makings: Mary still had immaculate labor, birthing Jesus in mere seconds. And those blasted wise men still took eons to arrive. Sure, they came from the east. But I thought Easterners were waaaay faster than that.

But really the highlight of the evening was the performance from the audience. As soon as Haddie spotted Jamie, it was allllll over. For in the cold, silent night, a resounding “Daaaaa Daaaaa” peppered the entire performance. She waved, she called out, she blew kisses. She just couldn’t figure out why Daddy, with his candy-cane stick and silly hat, did not respond. It was then that Shepherd Jamie proved his acting abilities by stifling his laughter. And proved that before we take Hurricane Hadley to another performance ever again, she is Gettin’ a Muzzle for Christmas.

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