Just check your sources–that’s all I’m sayin’

I feel like I’ve been MIA and I apologize for my absence. I have been battling a virus for a while and I’m trying to find a miracle cure so I can ski Keystone this week. My throat is sore, my eyes inflamed and I am really lethargic. In fact, I have been feeling out of sorts on some level for about 21 days.

Coincidentally, it is January 21st.

Do you think 2009 is trying to tell me something?

Twitter and the blogosphere have been all abuzz with inaugural observations. I have been greatly amused that many think they are experts on all things political. Some are right on the mark. Others sound like The National Enquirer is feeding them information.

Let us all learn the dangers of this. It is tradition for my entire family to go out to eat Chinese food together when I am in Canada. During one of these recent dinners, my brother jokingly made a snide comment to his wife Jane to which she responded,

“Don’t you remember Amy saying last night at the company party that you need to appreciate me more because I am the most wonderful, perfect wife in the world?”

“Didn’t Amy also get totally wasted and throw up last night?


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