Let the roller-coaster begin

Last week was a non-stop roller-coaster and my body literally felt like it was shutting down from exhaustion. But we’re coming up for air, mostly because we have no choice. A brief synopsis:

Put our house on the market last Wednesday.

Freaked out for two days over lack of response.

Cleaned and fixed up the house around the clock.

Hired a cleaning crew from Groupon to come deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms the day before our first showing.

Jamie called to confirm. They canceled but promised to come the next day.

No-show for the second day in a row at the very last minute.  Nightmare last-minute clean hack job.

Weather was the worst: snow and rain. People were in hibernation mode and I didn’t blame them.

Had five showings over the weekend, not great in this insane market.

Rehomed Fat Kitty multiple times. That’s a blog post for another day that involved hiding under beds and stairs, security alarms and cops.

Miraculously got one offer.

Cried when reading the letter this sweet family wrote to us.

House went under contract.

Spent hours pouring through and signing documents.

Work? What’s that? So far behind on emails and campaigns.

Jamie commissions one of his staff to fix a longstanding problem on Mile High Mamas. Crashes site; widgets still not functioning properly.

Weekend forecast finally looked nice so opted to do a garage sale (in my insanity).

Garage sale traffic on Friday (usually the busiest) was sub-par; Saturday got rained out. Made only $200; not worth the time and effort.

Saturday morning after setting up the garage sale, found out from realtor the buyer pulled out due to the family’s job situation changing.

The father called the realtor in tears; he wasn’t the only one.

Relisted the house with a driveway and garage full of C-R-A-P.

Spent afternoon and evening cleaning and hauling C-R-A-P to thrift store to get house ready to show again.

Busiest week of the year ahead of us with assessment testing, two field trips, field day, piano recital, parent-teacher conferences, make-up soccer games, volleyball, on the planning committee for our ward Summer Olympics party on Saturday and more.

First showing: today.

And tomorrow, we die (or at least really want to).

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