Loveland Ski Area: Santa Sightings and a Boy Converted

Jamie is a pretty low-maintenance guy so when he requests something, I really try and do it. And that request was to hit Loveland Ski Area on Christmas Eve day. Though I was crazy-busy trying to pull everything together for our party that evening, I loathe procrastination. I had shopped and wrapped presents weeks ago so had no problem doing my final food prep work the day prior. I rubbed it in just a little bit with this tweet:
And I’m so glad we did it. This is the second time we’ve skied Loveland on Christmas Eve and we have vowed to make it an annual tradition when we’re in Colorado. Not only is it a mere 40-minute drive from our house but the slopes are gloriously devoid of crowds.

This was our first ski day of the season so a half-day trip was perfect as we attempt to get our legs in shape. Bode was the big question mark. While Hadley has taken to skiing like a fish in water, Bode only decided he liked skiing on our final few days on the slopes last year. Our fingers were crossed he would maintain that same level of enthusiasm.

After getting their equipment in Loveland Valley (the beginner/intermediate area), we were about 20 minutes early for their lesson. I suggested  they take a quick run off Chair 7. Both kids were game but then Hadley realized the tech had set her bindings too small for her skis. Uncle Chris took her back inside and I looked dubiously at Bode.

“Do you want to wait for Sissy?”

“No, I can handle it.”

Stunned by his bravado (was this the same tepid kid from last season?) I ignored my doubts and let him go for it. He confidently waved at us from the lift and then bravely made his way down the slope by himself.He was hooked and we knew we were home-free. Jamie, Chris and I left them with their fabulous, fun and helpful instructors April and Rachel (seriously request them if you are there).And had a blast! Jamie and I recently bought ourselves new ski equipment from Powder7, which offers killer deals on all-things skiing and riding. We were excited to try them out for the first time and relieved we made some great choices.


My favorite gift: skiing with this dude

Of course, a trip to Loveland on Christmas Eve is not complete without a visit from the Man in Red.On Bode’s first ski day ever on Christmas Eve three years ago at Loveland, I snapped this picture and had to put them side-by-side.
My, how they’ve grown.

And here’s to many more years of spending our Christmas Eve at Loveland.

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