Humor: A Memorable Mom Meltdown

A few weeks ago, I had one doozy of a meltdown. I usually thrive on change and being pushed beyond my comfort zone but the feelings of being overwhelmed have been building for months. Factor in a move, a new job while juggling the old one, missing friends, financial stress, finishing two rooms in our basement, the holidays, and a to-do list a mile long with no time to go outside and play….something was gonna give and it was my sanity.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was over milk…and it wasn’t even spilled. A certain insubordinate tween called me lazy when I asked her to get the milk at dinner after I’d spent 10 hours working and then fixing our meal.

After I stormed out, my sweet son suggested to my husband they clean up because that would “Make Mom happy.” That kid will make a good spouse to a Mommy Meltdown-er someday.

Let’s face it: Sometimes Mom needs to blow off some steam because why should kids get to have all the fun?  Here’s a guide to having an effective meltdown all your own.

  1. Do: Make sure you use your meltdowns sparingly. If you cry wolf all the time, no one will take you seriously. I can’t remember the last time I had a meltdown of this scale, which made it that much more shocking. I WAS THE WOLF.  HEAR ME ROAR.
  2. Do: Make sure that wherever you storm off to that there is ample entertainment to make your cooldown much more enjoyable.
  3. Do: When Said Insubordinate Tween comes to apologize, receive her back with open arms and reciprocate that apology. Sometimes a good cry together is all you need.
  4. Do: Go on a good bike ride (or whatever your favorite stress release is) and get over it quickly. The reason? They’ll be walking on eggshells around you for days and you’ll be able to enjoy their overly accommodating behavior a lot more if you’re happy.

And, most importantly:

5. DO: When having Said Meltdown, do it on a full stomach. Because it’s tough to be mad when you stormed out on dinner and you’re hungry. And then you’re just mad about being hangry. 


The Maven of Mommy Meltdowns

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