Mommy Blogger [Allegedly] Survives Women’s Expo

I [barely] survived the Colorado Women’s Expo and have been limping around from pure exhaustion ever since. Waking up at 5 a.m. the next morning didn’t help much either. Nor the fact that I will be dragging this sorry body all over the mountains today trying to find a venue for my Outpost backpacking trip in June.

Anyhew, some highlights and lowlights of the Expo:

High: Meeting oodles of fantastic women including the wonderful Diana from Sunshine on my Shoulders and giving away tons of swag thanks to Mile High Mamas’ new partnership with Universal Pictures and Sony Films.

Low: Jamie telling me I am never allowed to do another Expo again due to alleged moodiness in the planning stages. This may be in reference to my breakdown the first morning of the show when he suggested I change to more comfortable shoes, only to have me change into another pair of uncomfortable shoes and then to freak out THAT I HAD NOTHING COMFORTABLE TO WEAR!

The man overreacts, I swear.

High: Really fun fellow exhibitors that included one of my favorite new products, My Side of the Bed Sheets. A cool couple invented these sheets that are designed to combat bed hogs because “these sheets are less expensive than therapy and more comfortable than a night on the couch!”

And their killer tagline? Because sometimes you just don’t want to cuddle.

Low: Working a 12-hour day on Saturday, only to suffer through the last few hours of having NO ONE attend the Expo. Except for those two creepy guys who kept coming around to visit my booth. At least they could have spoken English and kept me entertained.

High and Low: Having the booth swarming with women as a sweet gal was trying to pitch me her at-home business. Another gal overheard and ecstatically said, “I run a business out of my home. Let’s exchange cards and see if we can work something out with being featured on Mile High Mamas.”

The first gal had a cute bubble goddess company.

The second woman throws passion parties. You know, the perfect fit for my PG-rated, family-friendly blog.

Then again, they are called sex toys.

High: Having a sweet, supportive husband and coming home to a clean house, happy children and dinner on the table.

Low: I just hope he doesn’t expect me to reciprocate….

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