Mommy Blogger Does Canada

I love Calgary.

It has been 17 years since I was here during fall. The crisp temperatures, the explosive foliage, the crystalline skies, the wilderness areas that run through the heart of the city – all are a compendium of what make this my favorite city in the world.

Since arriving last week, we have gone for daily walks with Grandpa and the dogs, hidden in the leaves, had cookouts in the backyard firepit, visited with dear friends and pulled all-nighters with Bode. Because this does constitute a trip and do we not always get sick?

Oh, and made hundreds of pumpkin, cheesecake and lemon tarts. Because this is the unfortunate existence of being the offspring of a former restaurateur: they do not trust catering to anyone else.

Does the fact that I am 35 still constitute child slavery?

I bake, I clean but I do not craft. Or whatever verbiage you would use for it; the end result is still torturous. After all these years, my mom is in denial that she did not give birth to Martha Jr.

“Oh Amber, I am in charge of the cutest things for the bridesmaids. Doesn’t that sound like fun to help me with?”

“Does that constitute a craft?”

“No, not a craft, just cute.”

Tricky little Canuck, isn’t she?
I was not fooled.

As for my dear hubby, he is still in Denver. He volunteered to finish painting the interior of the house and I was impressed he was so proactive.
Until before we even departed, I tripped over a certain something he had dragged into our family room in front of the TV:

Any guesses how he is spending his “week off?”

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