Respecting the Motherland

My awesome friend Stacey bought my kids Canada shirts when she came to visit. They wore them proudly but since that time, the shirts have been gathering dust in their drawers.

I finally pulled out Bode’s.

“You need to wear this today.”

(Proud American) “No, I’m good.”

“I’ll give you something.”

(Proud American’s interest piqued) “Oh really? What?”

“More technology time today.”

Bribe, accepted! That kid put that shirt on faster than a Canadian summer (which only lasts a few weeks).

Later that day, his evil American sister was taunting him. “C’mon, Bode. Why are you wearing that shirt? It’s not like it’s Canada Day today.”

He coldly looked at her and retorted, “Every day is Canada Day.”

There may be hope for him yet.

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