Old Woman Problems

West Coast Trail

I’m feeling my age.

Between my ongoing knee problem to walking barefoot on the beach that resurrected my plantar fasciitis to sore hips after prolonged running to boot camp-induced wrist pain, there has been a lot of whimpering going on.

As people around me suffer from debilitating conditions, I fully acknowledge I have been blessed with incredible health and try to take care of myself.  Until recently, I’ve felt pretty physically invincible but now all I see is a steady road of deterioration, which is a huge bummer because there are still some major bucket list items I have on my list.

Y’all can set your goals to run your monotonous marathons and ruin your bodies (running anything more than a 5K is no longer something I aspire to do).

I want to trek from lodge-to-lodge in the Himalayas, hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu,  traverse the ancient paths and paddling routes on the West Coast Trail in B.C. and experience the alpine and fiord scenery of New Zealand’s famous Milford Track.

That is what I call living.

But all I seem to be doing lately is limping.

Last week, our boot camp instructor thought it would be fun to do a running / gymnastics workout, and those cartwheels, handstands, rings and skin the cat moves were fun…until the next day. And the  day after. I couldn’t lift my arms for almost two days.

I’ve decided to take a break from it all in March to give my body the chance to heal.

This morning, we were doing plank rows and our coach handed me two 30-pound weights, calling out to everyone, “Don’t you want to become stronger??

Nope, I just don’t want to get injured.

Here’s for hoping this is not the new normal.

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