On Being Sexy

My good friend Eva from church generously offered to watch Haddie for a few hours yesterday. And even though I’m the one who should have been helping her (she has five kids under the age of eight, and another on the way in October), I eagerly took her up on her offer. I mean, with all those children, she can totally mother in her sleep, right? At least that’s my justification for taking her up on it.

During my window of opportunity, I took Bode on his first hike with my hiking group. Over the course of when I joined, there has been a lot of turnover. The group of gals I started hiking with now do the toddler hikes with Haddie and there was a whole different clan of women with new babies yesterday.

The hike leader, Sonja, was super sweet and warmly welcomed me as though I had returned from the grave. All the new moms looked at me in wonderment and awe. To have two kids…and actually be seen in public? Little did they know I had survived The Hurricane in order to be there.

A friendly gal started a conversation with me and a few of us soon gabbed along the trail. It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to new babies, motherhood and weight gain. An exceedingly petite gal commented, “Yeah, I topped out at 130 pounds when I was pregnant.”

I bit my tongue that the last time I weighed that was in second grade.

But then came the follow-up comment from another gal. “Well, check this out: I was huuuuge and weighed XXX by the time I gave birth.”

She quoted my pre-pregnancy weight. Not my weight when I got pregnant with Bode (when I hadn’t yet lost my last 10 pounds) but my Hadley pre-pregnancy weight.

I thought it best to not contribute to that particular conversation for fear of the outcome. I.e. If I terminated all those skinny broads on the trail by accidentally sitting on them or something.

And so, a note to all those people out there who don’t give birth and walk out in their pre-pregnancy jeans or to anyone who’s ever struggled with their weight. This thought was taken from my friend and former roommate Kristy, a gorgeous, Real-Women-Have-Curves kinda gal:

“‘Nothing tastes as good as being sexy feels.’ This was said to me once by a friend with a perfectly fit dancer’s body in the course of a discussion on eating and exercising.

I don’t think she will ever know how sexy those chocolate frosted Hostess Doughnuts were this morning.”

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