On the Importance of Love and Keeping Score

As we recently snuggled in bed, Jamie read some instructions for installing an attic fan and I was passed out counting the number of paint screw-ups on the ceiling. Suddenly, Bode grabbed some of Jamie’s paperwork and my child prodigy starting making drool-covered origami.

I looked down and turns out the little guy is bilingual, too; it was the Spanish version.

“I hope that wasn’t important.” Jamie was annoyed.

“It isn’t.”

“How do you know that?”

“It says it right here: Nota Importante.”


Love is:

Having a dream that your husband decided to become a woman so you decided to become a man, just so you could still be together.

Even though he was a butt-ugly female.


Despite the fact that the kids are sleeping much better these days, Jamie and I are not. The other night, Jamie was restless and during my deep slumber, he gave me a backrub.

I commented the next day, “That was nice you gave me a backrub.”

“Actually, I gave you three.”

“I think I even reciprocated.”

“Actually, you only gave me two backrubs.”

“Oh really?”

“It wasn’t like I was keeping score. Even though you do owe me one.”

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