On the market again

On the market again, just can’t wait to get on the market again.

*To be sung to the tune of Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again.

Remember that Father’s Day to remember? Welp, the week that followed was one I’d prefer to forget because for the second time, our buyers fell through. Jamie greeted me with the news on Friday when I arrived home from boot camp. He had a pained look on his face that I know all too well, except usually it’s directed at me for doing something wrong. So, I was honestly a bit relieved to find out it wasn’t me, but our buyers. And then dread set in. We had a house in disarray with packing boxes everywhere and we had to deep clean and go back on the market.

We felt really good the second time around. The buyers were moving here from North Carolina, had gone through a lot of pains to fly out for two separate house-shopping trips, gotten certified for their new position in Denver and their financing looked great. It should have been a done deal until they heard back from their employer there was a conflict of interest with their previous employment so rescinded the offer that had been extended two months ago.

That left two families in a lurch.

Our realtor Stan said he has never seen a contract fall through two times for the same reason. Call us the lucky ones. Now that we’re a couple of months into the process, the Denver housing market has calmed waaaaaay waaaaaay down, there are four other houses in our neighborhood for sale (though we’re the cheapest by a long shot) and we’re not in full-on panic mode but deadlines are approaching. The kids start school mid-August so we need to be in Utah. The even worse deadline: our other house will be finished mid-September and if we don’t have the money for the down payment from this house….well, we’re up a very serious, deep creek. There is no backing out at this point…we’ve put a large deposit on our new property. To pull out now would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The message we keep getting over and over again? Trust in God’s timing, which is really really hard to do when He’s the one who told us to uproot a life we love and move. We’re literally right before the 11th hour where we’re going to be in very serious trouble so all we can do it have faith and wait.

A friend at church was joking with me that watching our painful house-selling process is like watching a Shakespearean play–let’s hope we have less tragedy and more comedy in our very near future.

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