Party All the Time

Reader beware: there will be an inordinate amount of pictures posted this week because this is what happens in the life of a Halloween-obsessed person. Last weekend, we trunk-or-treated and partied.

There were also fall walks-
Pumpkin patch fun-
And cute babies in general.

And not to be forgotten is Haddie’s 3rd annual Halloween party (which inspired yet another one of Hunky Hubby’s great profundities).


On Friday, my daughter threw her third annual Halloween bash that included an inordinate amount of hairspray and the disturbing confirmation: Like Mother, Like Daughter. [Insert evil cackle here.]

We also played games such as Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, indulged in devilish epicurean creations including my green slime chocolate fountain, read a haunting story with Dora the Explorer who made a celebrity appearance and had a free-for-all civilized candy hunt in our backyard.

No children were harmed in the throwing of the celebration. However, there was one tired mama at the end of it all. Between the party, trips and the continuous barrage of Rockies games, it has been a very long time since we have just stayed home and relaxed.

I called my husband to ask if we could do just that. Now, something you need to understand is he is usually the one who, after his long work day, is harassed by your truly to go out. This time, The Man took full advantage of our role reversal.

“…and so I thought we could just stay in tonight.”

“Stay in, Amber? We’ve done nothing but stay in. I want to go play”

“But I’m really tired.”

“Tired? Aren’t you the one who always says ‘I am sick of being at home. We need to go out and do something. The kids need a break. Let’s go for a walk. Super Target is having a sale. Let’s go spy on the neighbors. Blah blah blah blah blah.’”

Note: The Man’s mimicking was executed in a high-pitched voice that I assure you I do not possess. Except for when it was a particularly shrill-inducing kind of day.

After several minutes of this, I finally sighed and waved my white flag.

“OK, Jamie you win. So what do you want to do? ”


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