Pukefest 2010

Did I mention just how busy I am?

Imagine how thrilled I was to receive a call from the school yesterday that Hadley had thrown up in her classroom.

Talk about a stigma. Peers remember stuff like that for a very long time.

Case in point: My childhood friends still call me “The Animal” for breaking my sixth-grade teacher Mr. Monroe’s glasses during soccer.

After I brought Hadley home from school, she walked into the house to find beloved Fat Kitty snuggling up to her blanket. She raced over, threw her arms around him and proceeded to vomit.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fat Kitty move so fast.

A Fat Cat’s loyalties can only go so far.

Oh, and remember that gingerbread-house-making evening I was supposed to host for the young women at church? It obviously didn’t happen. I instead spent the day pumping her with liquids as she proceeded to throw everything up.

That Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash we gave her to sooth her tummy?

Here’s a little tip: RED POP stains.

The End.

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