Quite possibly the best gift exchange prize ever

Since Jamie and I landed from New York City, we have been involved in a non-stop frenzy. I high-tailed it over to this girl’s holiday party at school.
As you can tell she was very happy to see me. Really.

A couple of hours later was our dinner group’s annual Christmas party. We had a delicious dinner, followed by a gift exchange. This has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. Everyone brings a wrapped gift and we draw numbers to determine the order we select our gifts. Those with the lowest numbers are pretty much stuck with their gifts while the higher number can trade for the best gifts.

A few years ago, Wendy bought some Bronco’s fuzzy dice that got passed around and then resurrected each year for the gift exchange.

This year, we have the ultimate replacement:

Wendy unwrapped a picture of Jamie and The Great Pumpkin in a “Love” frame.
I still can’t figure out why it became the ostracized gift of the year.

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