Recital Stresses and Miracles

Last night the kiddos had their piano recital and we had a complete role reversal leading up to it. Normally, Bode is my go-getter and I can’t get him to stop practicing. However this time, one of his songs were really tough (Raider’s March from Raiders of the Lost Ark) and instead of delving in like he usually does, he avoided it whenever possible and really struggled as he tried to master it.

As of a week ago, he still couldn’t get through it without messing up and I started having Indy nightmares. And prayed. Big time. I scheduled an extra lesson with his piano teacher who offered to pull it from the program but I also felt strongly Bode should learn to work through it. A lot of things come easily for him and but I wanted him to work hard for something, struggle and overcome it.

Failure is not an option with that kid. He practiced right before we left for the recital and kept repeatedly messing up but when it came his turn to play, I saw him say a little prayer. He pulled it together and did a beautiful job.

I usually have to bribe Hadley because she doesn’t like piano and our deal is she can quit when she learns to play the church hymns. I’ve come so close to letting her quit many times because of the battles but last night made it all worth it. This past month, she caught fire and I haven’t been able to get her off the piano. Within the first week of receiving her songs, she almost had them memorized (Beethoven’s Fur Elise was her favorite) and her hard work payed off. Her teacher commented she had never seen her play so confidently and beautifully. There may be hope for her musical aspirations after all!

So many of our dearest church friends’ kids performed, which made the night even more special.

This is what happens when you  have them pose after the recital and not before: cookies busting out of their mouths.

Thankfully, they played better than they looked.

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