A weak payback but I’ll take it

My brother Jade a.k.a. Jeek (a nickname I affectionately gave him when he was younger; a cross between Jade and geek) loves to play practical jokes and his chemical engineering co-workers seem to get the brunt of it.

Fortunately we all live of different sides of the country so proximity usually makes us safe.

However, there is this little thing called the Internet where incriminating pictures don’t disappear. Ever. I should know–he has posted some doozies of me.

That’s why it was a stroke of sheer brilliance when I published a hilarious commentary of the pictures he and my brother-in-law Fred had posted to Facebook that day (in case you missed it, go here).

Jeek’s only response: “You do realize there will be payback for this right?”

His rebuttal?

My brother Pat’s perm years got dragged into the war because (in Jade’s words) “You liked the photo yesterday that was enough for me!!!”

It doesn’t take much for Jeek.

If this is as serious at it gets, I got off easy. Of course, who knows how many more of my tween blackmail pictures are floating around out there.

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