Superwoman Transformations and Givin’ “The Gals” Some Love

Why is this group of glorious women utterly astonished?

Hint: It’s not in amazement over my ability to hike in the snow, uphill both ways, pushing an 80-pound stroller.

After all, that was last week’s adventure.

Head over to Mile High Mamas today to see my Clark Kent-esque transformation.


I wanted to give a shout-out to some of my travel-writing besties: The Vacation Gals. They have been nominated as finalists in the 2010 Bloggies, a huge and well-deserved honor!

I first connected with these fantastic family travel writers on Twitter. I met co-founder Jen Miner on a media trip of the Olympic Peninsula and I swore her cohort Kara Williams to secrecy last fall when I took her on my favorite secret hike outside of Denver.

These great ladies were really supportive of my bid to win the Microsoft Office Winter Games contest and wrote a generous post about me.

Now I’d love to return the favor. They need your help so please just take a minute to vote for them. Then, take a few more minutes to poke around their site and glean some of their great tips on family travel destinations. I hope to contribute more to the site just as soon as my life calms down.

Finally, make them promise to bring me along on their next adventure.

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